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While we keep no actual roster of past classes though we do have a large scrapbook containing many old class pictures. Come to our annual June picnic and help us identify your classmates. Assembling class lists would also be one of the goals of this Web site!

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Dear Machado

Cherries on my dress
Stars in my eyes
I slipped down the valley road
To learn to be wise

Down the road to learning
With my lunch box in my hand
Up the steps and through the door
Into a wonderland

A land of books and numbers
Of paper to color and cut
Of recess time on the swings and bars
Or a eucalyptus hut

Into a world of teachers
Of tests and baseball and art
Galoshes and rain and music and friends
Each playing a special part

Machado would you know me?
My hair is turning grey;
But the love of learning you sought to plant
Is strong in my today

Grateful am I for the schoolhouse
On its quiet valley road
Where we grew with the oaks around us
Till we left Machado's fold

Winnie Harkness